police fights and gangster combats when you will be escaping in this new action

You are prisoned in the highest security jail of the city, the escape missions in this action game are to determine the weakness of police guards and then breach their security with your guts. There are special prison cells in this prisoner simulator. Now you are kept in the police jail and you will watch the jail guards and then escape the jail. To escape the jail, you will walk, crawl and sneak to kill the guards, police officers from behind in this new escape game 2019. There are so many thief games on play store where a player does the escape mission but in this prison gameplay present the new ideas of escaping and surviving. In this new survival game 2019, you will be the prisoner and your mission is survival in the jail and escape jail without getting caught, killed or shot. This escape game is about planning the prisoner breakout which is kind of interesting and yet hard to complete the challenging escape tasks.

There will be lot of police fights and gangster combats when you will be escaping in this new action game 2019. There would be plenty of guards in this prison game 2019 where you will pass with your stealth skills and combat skills to hand fight with gangsters. Escape from police station by hacking door locks as soon as you find the chance and then get ready for guards fights at several tunnel passes. This stealth action game is all about prisoner breakout, your experience of escaping prison would help you to make fighting plans and then fight with the police cops, gangsters and mafia heads in this jail. If you manage to survive from the police jail in this survival game, then you win this new games level. Escape mission in this new game 2019 is not easy; you will need your stealth plans, computer hacking plans, your escaping guts and fighting skills. If you got the special skills of escaping prisons or the guts to escape gangsters then this new survival gameplay is best for you.

In this new escape gameplay, lot of police guards and jail criminals are around you to fight, shoot and kill you. In some escape missions of this survival game, you will have to clear gun shooting or stealth shooting missions to kill guards, police cops and gangsters. Your solo mission in this prison game is to survive combats, escape jail and fly in your helicopter. Lots of escape missions of this prison game are where you will get guns, knives and other fighting weapons. Escape from jail and survival should be your only concern in this free game 2019. Escape games are always interest for you to escape from the police and gangsters by using special escaping skills. Escape form gangster is easier than the escaping jail with lot police guards and security. When you escape from police station watch the guards and fight with them for your escape.

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