survival is to use all of the available shooting arsenals to keep the zombie

Once again a failed experiment has created deadly ZOMBIES that roam the whole United States. As an elite soldier, you must kill all of the deadly monsters to survive. Complete missions, ready your weapon and become the ultimate shooter! Test yourself against an impossible enemy in the most epic action shooting game!Zombie Beyond Terror is an FPS game where you can kill zombies with epic weapons! As an elite commando, you were prepared to deal with the most extreme cases of advanced combat behind the enemy frontlines. Trained in shooting from modern automatic and sniper weaponry, you are the best shooter among your brothers in arms. But nothing could have prepared you for the unimaginable terror that came through a rift in space-time continuum generated by a secret weapon hidden in a secluded military base.

The newly formed hellgate is the zombie frontier of a dimension of pure chaos, pure evil. The war in which you’ll be fighting will decide the fate of the world. Every action, every bullet, all of your fury and rage channeled into your best shooter can change the outcome of this conflict. Call out your challenge to the world. Prepare your guns! Live to shoot, shoot to live!

Your only chance for survival is to use all of the available shooting arsenals to keep the zombie at distance. The demon portal has brought a selection of WW2 weapons back from the past. For the tightest situations with the dead, you can grab a sentry turret for duty, with the fully automated target system, loaded with lead and upgradable with unique traits to give you an even bigger edge over the dead zombies.

On your way, you’ll encounter hordes of enemies ranging from fun-sized zombies to huge demonic overlords raining death and despair on you. The invasion from another dimension can be stopped only by smashing every zombie until you’re the only one left walking. Encounters with the dead big guys can be extremely painful for you, so don’t hesitate to target them and rise the fire from your deadliest guns. Aim, shoot… BOOM!

Zombie killing games reach the absolute top in this extremely advanced 3D shooter. The dead are relentless, if you’re not the hunter then you have to ask yourself – ‘hunt or be hunted?’. Target the zombies, keep shooting and never let go of the trigger, because the ammo is free and unlimited. Guns have different sound effects to represent their real-life versions. And never forget – even in the apocalypse you can still have fun. Your shooting experience is optimized for maximum adrenaline.

Clash with other players in new mobile 3D FPS with never-ending fire and shooting action. Modern gun game awaits you!

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√ More than 30 modern guns, pistolas and camos. Choose your own online shooting tactics for battle: sniper, shotgun, machine gun or assault rifles
√ Up to 10 players in pvp action games
√ Join team battles against other players from all over the world to play gun games
√ Create your own clan and enjoy team game in various locations playing in squad
√ Use Killstreaks such as drone strike, sentry gun and even rocket launcher to make your strategy unique one
√ Compete in ranked seasons and get promoted to higher leagues among other players
√ Call for your friends and interact with other players, complete contracts and quest missions
√ Intuitive control and easy interface – swipe, aim and shoot
√ Perfect optimization
√ Regular updates and new cool game elements

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